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Jazz Instruments for Beginners

People that are thinking about learning an instrument that have a love for the jazz style of music may be trying to think about which one would be the best for them to learn. The answer to the question really comes down to a number of different factors but in general all of them will take a bit of work to be able to learn and perfect. Usually people will try to learn the one that interests them the most.

Rhythm Section

If you wanted to play an instrument in the rhythm section you will have a choice between the likes of the upright bass, the piano, or the drums. These instruments will provide the rhythm to the music and will no doubt be a popular choice for many. Each will take a lot of work to learn but are truly worth that effort.

Horn Section

In the horn section you have instruments such as the trumpet and trombone that are responsible for the melody in the music that is created. Most music lovers will know these very well; especially those that love to listen to jazz music. While these are fairly easy to learn, anyone considering trying to join a band should be made aware that there is usually only a space for one player of each of these instruments in them.

Woodwind Section

The woodwind section is where the likes of the flute and clarinet are found but many people do not realize that the saxophone is actually classed as woodwind as well. It may seem odd that despite being made of brass and looking similar to those in the horn section that it is a woodwind instrument but it is classed this way due to how the sound is made via a reed in the same way as the other woodwind examples. Either way, this is one of the most popular jazz instruments and would make a great choice for a beginner.

Whichever choice you make there is little doubt that you are going to have some great fun learning. Additionally, once you have mastered playing jazz music well, you are going to be able to get into bands easily.

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Jazzfestival in Bergen
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