JEROEN PEK is international renowned as one of the players who contributes to the development of the flute as a full fledged jazz instrument. He has an incomparable sound with a range of colours and is recognized as the player who combines virtuosity and power-play with emotion and intimacy. Pianist/keyboard player STORMVOGEL is a “homo universalis”. Besides musician and composer he is a writer, journalist and politician as well. He runs his own jazz club and –festival where he plays with the top of the Dutch jazz scene. Stormvogel is well-known for his eccentric projects like the Alter Ego Jazz Barock Consort, Drakenburger Concerto’s, the Mystery plays and Ballet’s. In 2005 he received the Eemland Award for his contribution to the arts in The Netherlands. One of his fortes is the use of vintage keyboards (Moog, Korg, Oberheimer) in jazz oriented music.

UDO PANNEKEET is one of the most hottest bass guitarists of this moment in The Netherlands. The youngest member of 4-CAST has already an impressive curriculum. He played with his projects (Isotope and Pitch Pine Project) in Europe and released a couple of cd’s. On his 6 string fretted and fretless instruments he is an absolute virtuoso. He toured among others, with Deborah Carter, Eef Albers and Gary Husband. He is also a composer and teaches at the Tilburg Conservatory.

Drummer ONNO WITTE is very much a musical omnivore. He is well-known for his energy and creativity and plays with an enormous joy. He toured in Europe, USA, the Caribbean and Africa. With his Brazilian Batucade band Medicamento he won several prestigious contests and received the best soloists awards as well. The readers poll 2000 of the drum magazine Slagwerkkrant selected him in the top ten of best Dutch jazz drummers. As a band leader he runs his quartet WO 4 (1 cd) and Onno Witte’s Wild Card (1 cd).

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June 10:
Jazz at the Crow in

June 25/26:
Jazzfestival in

With Onno

May 15:
Eemulst in Baarn

May 21:
Jazzfestival in Bergen
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