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Some words on the educational aspects of Jeroen's musical engagement: Since his early days as a professional musician, Jeroen has been involved in musical education. He has been teaching the flute at the Rotterdam Conservatory for two years, and today he’s still active as a flute teacher in various music schools around the Netherlands. During the academic year Jeroen also frequently plays a series of educational concerts at junior high schools across the Netherlands. During these concerts, the kids are introduced to the basic theory, skills and history of jazz and improvisational music. On a freelance basis Jeroen is also frequently asked to lead, or participate in various workshops on jazz improvisation. For more detailed and additional information you are welcome to contact Jeroen himself. Jeroen can also be booked by Vivace. Jeroen has recorded a new CD with Pitch White Storm. The CD presentation tour schedule of "The View, The Tales" will be coming soon!

This is Jeroen's most recent album released in Februari 2004. Together with his new band, Jeroen presents us with 10 new compositions. It can clearly be heard that Jeroen's playing and improvising has developed into an even more mature style since the sessions of In My Hammock in 1998. Recorded and released in 1995, Cariña con pasion is the first CD by the Jeroen Pek Band. On the seven tracks presented, the listener is invited to explore a rich variety of moods and atmospheres represented in Jeroen Pek's but also Bert Lochs's compositions. This is the second release of the Jeroen Pek Band, in My Hammock was recorded and released in 1998. Enhanced by the new crisp rhythm-section, Jeroen and his quintet reach new highlights as they expand their abilities as a tight composing, arranging and improvising jazz-unit.

This approach towards composing shows itself in a natural incorporation of these different styles into his work, and therefore many new possibilities of composing and playing modern jazz music are uncovered. And so, in Jeroen's work, there is always an even balance between composition, arrangement, and improvisation.


This brand new band of one of the leading jazz Flute players from Europe is a fine example of a contemporary jazz group. After touring in Europe and recording intensive with the Jeroen Pek Band (2 cd’s) and the Jeroen Pek Quartet (1 cd), the JEROEN PEK 4-CAST is a logic next step to explore the depth and boundaries in the field of Jazz (-Rock) and the place of the flute in it. As in all his projects here again Jeroen Pek’s compositions are a constant search for the exiting balance between arrangement and improvisation. To enlarge the vocabulary he uses a richness of style elements.

The choice of the line up of this band has everything to do with the desire to look for a new perspective for his personal approach of his instrument. An organic mixture of acoustic- and electric (vintage) instruments and the use of voices is adding to this new sound. The dynamic, energetic and sensitive way of playing completes this unit.

Best Jazz Clubs in the Netherlands

For the cultured lovers of Jazz music out there looking for a new avenue to explore, a good suggestion would be to head to the Netherlands where this popular type of music is adored. There are a large number of Jazz clubs across the Netherlands that are proving popular with both locals and tourists alike due to their vibrant atmosphere and stunning music.

This type of music might not be to everybody’s taste but in this country it is a style of music that people love due to its relaxing and invigorating sound. Is there anything better than having a meal and a few drinks to the sound of Jazz playing softly in the background? Not according to lovers of this type of music there isn’t.

Jazz clubs you must visit

Most of the well-known Jazz clubs in Holland can be found in the capital city of Amsterdam but they can also be found scattered across other cities such as Eindhoven as well. For pure selection pre are literally dozens of them around. A tourist could go to a new club every night if they so choose or just stick to one or two of their favorites instead.

Some of the best places in Amsterdam include the CC Music Café, Bourbon Street, Bimhuis, and the North Sea but those heading to Eindhoven will probably enjoy the Little One Bar. There are far more to choose from than just this selection but these are usually considered to be the very best of a good bunch.

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Why the Netherlands?

Holland offers up loads of history and culture that would make any visit there worthwhile but when it comes to Jazz music; it is loved in this country more than is most others. They enjoy their nightlife in this country and they love to do it in real style. Anyone can be sure of having a great time at night in any city across the Netherlands.

Even those that are not a fan of this type of music will be able to find a club that plays their own preferred style of music. They have pretty much everything covered in order to ensure that all newcomers have an experience that they will remember whether they are alone or with Amsterdam escorts. Anyone that has never visited Holland before will never know what they are missing out on until they do take the plunge and visit the diverse country.


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